Scoliosis and Running

A quick video presentation of treatment options for scoliotic patterns.

Chloe is a freshman at Mississippi State U and has had an awesome running career.  Highlights.

Chloe ran a 4:39.12 in the 1500m at USATF Junior Outdoor T&F Champs, placing 10th in the prelims.

Chloe ran a 4:36.20 in the 1500m at USATF Junior Outdoor T&F Champs, placing 7th.


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2 responses to “Scoliosis and Running

  1. Miriam

    I have had scoliosis all my life, I live in Utah and recently just took up running. I’m looking for a good physical therapist who can help me with my running and scoliosis out here. Do you have any referrals of physicians in my area who could help?

    great job with Chloe! I wish I lived in Arizona to come in for some help.

    • Geoffrey

      Miriam~ Sorry it has taken me a year to comment back. Not been on the blog much. I do not know many therapists in your area. I hope the running is going well. My advise would be to seek out a structural integration therapist, a rolfer, or a manipulative osteopath.

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