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Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

Based on the work of Erik Dalton, PhD we look at various conditions such as Janda’s upper and lower crossed syndrome. The approach taken is of ‘joint mobilization through soft tissue manipulation’. Techniques used line up the iliosacral/sacroiliac relationship and treatment of deep fourth layer fibrotic tissue along the spine to restore proper function of specific spinal segments. This work is very specific and involves active movement on the part of the client, the result is a restoration of balance of the human body in gravity. Head, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, thoracic, lumbar, pelvis, scoliotic patterns and leg dysfunction are commonly relieved using these techniques.

Pain-Free Deep Tissue Massage

Techniques used include a variety of specific maneuvers designed to release individual muscle bellies mixed well with classical Swedish massage techniques. ‘No Pain No Gain’ is out the window in today’s world at Stay Tuned. No need to ‘work through an injury’ if your therapist can help eliminate the pain, and you certainly do not want your therapist to be the one causing the pain.

Active Isolated Stretching

Aaron Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching involves a stretch of the target muscle along with a contraction of the opposing muscle, or the antagonist, to create an inhibitory affect to the muscle in spasm. These are great ‘take home’ techniques and are custom tailored to your needs. You will receive specific movement pattern diagnostics, and an understanding of where you need improved range of motion to release long held tension and spasm patterns.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Specific body positions are used along with specific muscle contractions and movement patterns in attempt to create ease of joint movement. Either the target muscle or the opposing muscle is utilized to end hyper-contraction resulting in less pain and an improved range of motion.

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

All of the techniques spoken about above can in some capacity be used either as injury prevention or in the rehabilitation process. Guidance for home care is then provided to help a client prevent further injury.

On-Site wellness

Massage therapy in the workplace is one of the fastest growing aspects in corporate wellness programs across the country. The techniques listed above and modified techniques for a massage chair, or 15-20 minute clothed table massage and can be brought to you at your place of employment. “Corporate” is certainly not a requirement for such a program. We have done massage for music festivals, county fairs, art festivals, mother’s day, birthday parties, BBQ’s, sporting events and on, and on, and on!

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