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Thank you all who have joined the Stay Tuned Therapeutics ‘fan’ page. Feel free to use this page as one way to interact with Missy and Geoffrey. Questions, comments, interesting ideas, product or service suggestions, we are here for you. Take a peak at our videos, which we will be updating soon, articles, blogs, other blog, other blog.

I’d like to give you some background about Missy and Geoffrey. Geoffrey graduated massage school in 1997 at East West College of Healing Arts, in Portland ,OR. Missy graduated aesthetician school in 1997 at Rob Roy Academy, in Worcester, MA.

Missy and Geoffrey met at The Black Diamond Spa in Flagstaff, AZ in 2000. Geoffrey left the spa in 2002 to pursue a more liberating career being self employed, opening shop under the same name he created in massage school business class, Stay Tuned Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. With the intent of working with athletes, musicians, and all folks who need to…Stay Tuned. Geoffrey has enjoyed working with visiting international athletes from all endurance sports, and specializes in massage for special needs clients and specific pain management.

In 2005 Missy also quit the spa, for the same reasons, to custom tailor treatments, and explore self employment. Missy enrolled in massage school at Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College and graduated in 2006. Joining Stay Tuned, we changed the name to ‘Therapeutics’. They have had a successful business ever since. Their practice is in a wonderful old house, built in 1905 in Flagstaff, AZ. Custom treatment include massage therapy for specific conditions, general relaxation and stress management, Myoskeletal Alignment, sports massage, customized facials to fit your skin’s needs and nail care.

Geoffrey and Missy are both Certified Advanced Myoskeletal Therapists, state licensed, and Nationally Certified.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your time with us, feel free to give us a call, comment on any of our pages, blogs, etc. Have a great day and ……Stay Tuned!

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Skin Care and More…Updated!

Therapeutic Skin Care

Missy customizes each facial to fit the needs of the client. The facials involve cleansing, steaming, massage, manual extractions (if needed), toning, mask, and moisturizer. During the facial the client will experience warm stones placed in the hands and along some chakra areas, and the use of hot towels. Also depending on the type of facial and needs of client Missy will massage during the masking stage so you are never left alone during your treatment. Hour facial $60.00, half hour facial $30.00.

If you would like to further enhance your facial experience there are add on treatments that can be included during your facial. This treatment is great after a long weekend in the canyon, a day on the mountain, or to combat the daily stresses.

Customize your own facial or choose one from our menu.

Steamy Facial$75.00/hr

A facial customized to your needs along with a full body steam bath that hydrates the skin, warms and relaxes the muscles of the body.

Sea & Shell Facial– $75.00/hr

A skin care treatment with the nutritive properties of the ocean along with a natural warm shell massage.

Stay Tuned Facial $90.00/hr

Bath your hands and feet in paraffin while you’re lying back on self heating mud. All while having the needs of your skin taken care of. The perfect solution to keeping your skin tuned up.

Organic facial$65.00/hr

An organic treatment that invites you to escape to authentic and comforting nature and that restores all the benefits of nature to moisturize, de-pollute and reveal the natural radiance of the skin. Ultra-relaxing de-stressing techniques, along with delicious fragrances and textures that transport you to an orchard bursting with summer fruit, a wheat field and an herb garden fragrant with the scents of Provence.

Head to Toe Treatment- $70.00/hr

A Facial, Pedicure combination. Leave with your face refreshed and your toes polished.

Therapeutic Foot and Hand Treatment

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure by reclining back on the massage table. Missy exfoliates, manicures and massages the feet, and finishes with hot towels and moisturizer in addition to your choice of polish. Depending on the services booked a manicure is either done on the massage table or at a chair. The same care is given to the hands as the feet in the pedicure.

Pedicure $40.00 Pedicure with hand paraffin $55.00 Pedicure with foot paraffin $55.00 Pedicure with hand & foot paraffin $65.00

Reflexology- $60.00/hr $30.00/half hour

A systematic way to bring your body into balance through your feet using specific points that correspond to every area of your body. In an hour session every system of your body will be worked on.

Self Tanning Treatment- $75.43/hr

A full body exfoliation followed by an even coverage of autobranzant. Leave with your own tube of autobronzant to keep the tan going.

Hair Removal

A soy based hair removal system, the soy allows our product to adhere to the hair rather than the skin and the hair. This allows you to get ‘cleaned up’ with less pain and irritation. Hair removal in this manner lessens hair re-growth and ingrown hairs!

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