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We are Flagstaff Sports Massage.  The idea was born in the mountains of Flagstaff  at around 7,000 feet.

We are a group of professional, licensed massage therapists who love sport, who are passionate about our work and the effects it can have on performance, who enjoy travel and have years of practical experience.

We set up at the races in the woods and in the desert.  We set up in hotel conference rooms for training camps big and small.   We created the sports massage services program for the NAU High Altitude Sports Training Complex and for Hypo2 Sports Management in Flagstaff, AZ.    

We are a full service clinic specializing in soft tissue manipulation for sporting event preparation and recovery.  

We are sports massage, where you need us.

2 responses to “FSM

  1. Monika Becker

    your webside is very impressive.
    I will come to town in 6-8 weeks.
    how long in advance should I make my appointment?
    What are your fees? 1-1.5hr. deep therapeutic, medical, sport combo massage.
    Waiting for your responds

    • Geoffrey

      Thanks Monika! Our rates are $75.00 per hour session, $105.00 90 minutes, or $375.00 if you prepay for 6 hrs. Might I ask what you are coming to Flagstaff for? Schedule appointments as soon as you can if you have a schedule to follow while you visit, that is best. Plug massage into your program early, so you can ensure services.

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