Pain Free Deep Tissue

Many clients and therapists alike are under the presumption that in order to “go deep” one needs to push harder.  This is simply not true, there becomes a physical battle between therapist and patient/client.  Through our years of hands-on training and detailed study of human anatomy, we have devised ways of accessing the underlying tissue in a manner that is less invasive and less assaulting to the body.  Techniques such as Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment, muscle energy, and age old osteopathy (modified for deep tissue massage) allow us to assist the body in healing.  We, as therapist, are not the healer. Your own body has an innate wisdom to heal.  We work with your body, not on your body.

Pain is a signal to the body that something is wrong. It has never made any sense to us why a person would go to a massage therapist or any other therapist to come out in pain, physical or emotional.

That being said, at Stay Tuned we are acutely aware of the emotional suffering that often accompanies physical pain, and visa versa.  Our approach is one of understanding.  Clients will often times come to use in as much emotional pain as they do physical pain, somewhere the cycle can be fixed, not continue to be broken.

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