Gong Meditation for Athletes

Chris and his Gong. Western States 2010. Photo Carl Costas

Sound is the medicine of the future – Edgar Cayce

June 8th, 2011, 7 pm. 

Stay Tuned Therapeutics at 403 West Birch St., in Flagstaff, AZ, will be hosting a gong meditation for athletes on June 8th, 2011, at the clinic. Chris Thornley will be releasing the vibrations from his 36 inch Paiste Symphonic Gong upon the recipients mind, body and spirit.  Many who have witnessed this presentation come away with a feeling of grounding, peace, tranquility and clarity.  On an athletes path to events, many times there are feelings of frustration in training, diet, mission.  Set your mind at ease with fellow ultra athlete, Chris Thornley as he allows the energies of these questions come to the surface, be present, and pass.

Immerse yourself in sound with the healing vibrations of the elemental energy of OM. The Gong Meditation will both calm and inspire your spirit. The vibrations can help balance and cleanse the energy in your body. They work at a cellular level and can help with stress, fatigue, depression, anger, and blocked energy.

To Register for this Free event call Stay Tuned Therapeutics at 928-699-1999 or e mail staytunedaz@gmail.com. 

Read about Chris’  29 day solo trip in the canyon with his gong to keep him company.  Click here.

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Gift Cards available

Stay Tuned Therapeutics  in Flagstaff, AZ will now be offering rechargeable gift cards to use for massage, skin care or retail products.  Contact Missy @928.699.1801 for more information.  Coming soon:  Gift Cards to purchase  through web site.

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Sliding Surfaces of Tendons and Sheaths

This video series by Dr. Jean Claude Guimbertau demonstrates the sliding surfaces of tendons and their sheaths, skin, muscle, blood vessels during movement of the human body.  While I am not familiar with Jennings, he originally posted one of these videos.  A very interesting look into the human body!

Have a look at Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau’s web site here. The videos are available for purchase at Terra Rosa here.

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Serge Gracovetsky – Fascia Congress

Serge Gracovetsky – “Is the lumbodorsal fascia necessary ?” October 4th 2007 at the Harvard Medical School as part of the First Fascia Research Congress – Boston MA.

A complete description of the theory can be found in the 271 page book: “The Spinal Engine” available at Amazon.com. Please see Serge’s web site at http://sites.google.com/site/gracovetsky/home for more information on his research. Erik Dalton turned me on to Serge’s work back when I worked with the Freedom From Pain Institute, I love Dr. Gracovetsky’s humor and these videos are a great tool in wrapping our head around these complex theories. Enjoy…

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You Can’t Teach Experience

~excerpt from the FFPI Diary~

I’m not sure who said it first, maybe Paul Kelly or Erik Dalton, but I have heard it enough from both of them and the little guy in my head that it has become a mantra of sort. “You can’t teach experience.”

This mantra allows me to forgive myself and others quite often. Not an ego driven mantra, but one of acceptance.

This mantra often presents itself as I work, at the age of 35, listening and feeling in my clients bodies, helping me to understand the road they have been down to get to where they are: physically, emotionally, spiritually, however they arrive, and in what combination. What has been their “experience”? Might they teach me that?

This mantra encourages me to continue on in my 14 year practice as a bodyworker and a teacher. All the books and blogs in the land will not give you experience in clinical application of techniques, or true understanding of complex theory in the human body. Doing will. Lots of doing. I look at the “masters” and I feel content to know that they may have more experience. It gives me hope. But it goes well beyond that.

In working relationships with people who may not value my “experience”. This mantra “You can’t teach experience”, what a trip. Sometimes I even get to see the other side, observe as another person gains experience. Oh, you hired a “cheaper” therapist, and they did not show up? Hmmm, go figure. Check that off the list, chalk it up as experience and pay attention! (which reminds me of a great discussion with my friend Kim Miller “Just Show Up!”, we’ll save that one for later.)

As a parent, God help me, this mantra rings true. The elders tell me enjoy it while you can, as I go gray, one child with a bloody nose and his hand in his pants constantly meditating on his own personal worry stone, another child’s bag stuffed with various objects he “found on the playground”, and another who thinks it’s a funny trick to tell me that he did wipe his butt when he was done. Soon they will be gone, in one way or another. Be it from the cuddle competitions, the story time, away at college, or married with kids of their own. When I ask myself “How am I doing? Why is this hard?”, I chalk it up to yet another experience, that they never taught, that can’t be taught.

And so I trudge forward, one foot in front of the other toting this pack of experience on the road for more.  Bring it on.

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The Value of Remedial Exercises in Treatment_ Guy Fisk

‎”Physicians have neglected the use of exercises as curative procedures, with the result that many quacks, cultists, trainers and others have used them as an entering wedge to obtain a medical practice” ~Guy H. Fisk, 1941

Remedial Exercises in Treatment

Click above for text.

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Order your Christmas TRX Today!

TRX Suspension Training: Deck the home gym

Click the link above to order your TRX from Stay Tuned Therapeutics. Fitness anywhere will send it right to your house!  From now til Nov. 29, 25% off and FREE shipping! Give a call and come by the Stay Tuned Therapeutics clinic to give it a try for free, 928-699-1999.

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