Flagstaff- An Insider’s Look at The Secret World of Fascia, June 7

So I will be at ASIS massage school early for this on the big screen.  Join me for coffee?  Kinesiology class has to start at 9 am!  So this will be 1 hr of the presentation…. 113 Phoenix Ave, by Biff’s Bagels.

I will set this up to start at 8am 

An Insider’s Look at The Secret World of Fascia

with Antonio Stecco and Carla Stecco

Join renowned Italian researchers Antonio and Carla Stecco for an engaging exploration into the human body as they reveal newly found secrets to the inner workings of fascia. Based on the collection of data from more than 100 dissections of fresh cadavers, the Stecco’s will illustrate the relationship of fascia to muscles, vessels and nerves. Learn about the possible role of fascia in proprioception. You’ll also find out about its role in chronic pain syndromes and discover the truth about the effectiveness of alternative therapies as a treatment option.

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