Serge Gracovetsky – Fascia Congress

Serge Gracovetsky – “Is the lumbodorsal fascia necessary ?” October 4th 2007 at the Harvard Medical School as part of the First Fascia Research Congress – Boston MA.

A complete description of the theory can be found in the 271 page book: “The Spinal Engine” available at Please see Serge’s web site at for more information on his research. Erik Dalton turned me on to Serge’s work back when I worked with the Freedom From Pain Institute, I love Dr. Gracovetsky’s humor and these videos are a great tool in wrapping our head around these complex theories. Enjoy…

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One response to “Serge Gracovetsky – Fascia Congress

  1. Geoffrey

    This is why, in runners, lifters, hiking populations, and even my desk worker and production worker clients, I am continually working in the thoracolumbar fascia (lumbodorsal fascia). In an attempt to balance, make mobile, and in some cases tighten the fascias in the low back. At a minimum this series is food for thought for me, as a bodyworker. I would be interested to engage in conversation.

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