Sedona, Phoenix, Sedona, Home…Costa Rica

Up coming schedule…..

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, NAMTI, Sedona
Sunday, April 6, 10am-6 pm
Monday, April 7, 6pm-9:30pm
Wednesday, April 9, 6pm-9:30pm
Friday, April 11, 6pm-9:30pm (Phoenix, Ironman Arizona, 8am-2pm)
Sunday, April 13, 10am-6pm
Monday, April 14, 6pm-9:30pm
Wednesday, April 16, 1:30 -5pm, 6pm-9:30pm
Thursday, April 17, 9am-5pm
Friday, April 18, 6pm-9:30pm
Monday, April 21, 9am-5pm
Tuesday, April 22, 9am-5pm
Wednesday, April 23, 9am-5pm
Thursday, April 24, 9am-12:30pm

1st group
2nd group

Thursday, April 24th, Fly out for Myoskeletal Alignment 6th annual retreat with Erik Dalton and Aaron Mattes at Pura Vida Resort in Costa Rica.

Click the purple links to find out more……

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